Arrange Investigation


At the core of our operation we boast an outstanding group of investigators, both in factual investigation and surveillance.

We have experience in all jurisdictions including the High Court of Australia, Federal Court, Supreme Court, District and Magistrates Court, Administrative Appeals Tribunal and others.

This depth of experience found in one place provides our clients with excellence in all facets of investigation and management.

Most, if not all of our factual investigation staff have come from senior positions within SAPOL and have extensive skills as detectives. Their integrity and investigative skills have been recognized and acknowledged by their secondments to various Royal Commissions. The transference of skills and experience is evident throughout our investigation process and combined with new innovations and ideas from the next generation we are able to offer our clients services that are second to none.

Collectively our staff, including our surveillance operators, provide skills perfected over years of experience in practical investigation and case management. As a result of the depth of investigative and reporting skills available, we have been instrumental in facilitating prompt determinations, satisfactory settlements and many successful prosecutions.

We insist that all staff are appropriately licensed and conduct their duties in accordance with all legislative requirements.

In support of our investigative staff, Quark & Associates have a team of highly trained administrative and support staff.

We are committed to providing quality in all that we do.